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White Paper


BRT is a stable cryptocurrency (stablecoin) with a fixed price of BRL 1.00 (one real) and backed by BRL (Reais) in a 1:1 ratio. This means that for every 1 (one) BRT in circulation, there is R$ 1.00 in custody in a current bank account, thus guaranteeing the BRT/BRL parity.

Using Blockchain technology from TRON, one of the main decentralization ecosystems on the internet.


Its issuance is linked to the prior deposit of BRL (Reais) in a current bank account under the responsibility of BRT, as well as the conversion from BRT to BRL (Reais) is linked to the redemption of BRL (Reais) from the current bank account and elimination of Tokens in circulation representing the same amount of BRL (Reais) redeemed.


The Brazilian market has been maturing and creating a friendly relationship with crypto-assets, and people, companies, institutions, and regulatory bodies are already able to perceive the importance of this financial instrument in the economy. The challenges are still great, especially for disruptive businesses that have the use of cryptocurrencies in their scope. In addition to Bitcoin and Altcoins, which are digital currencies with a variable price, that is, they suffer volatility, there are digital currencies with a stable price (stablecoin), whose purpose is to support the monetary circulation of products and services and facilitate the payment process. Stablecoin manages to provide great benefits to the user, such as:


  • Time: It is possible to pay any participant 24/7, at any time, without restriction.

  • Transactional limit: It is possible to send any amount of payment, without restriction of financial volume.

  • Operating cost: The transfer fee is very low compared to traditional wire transfers.

  • Speed: Transfer of funds takes place in seconds.

  • Transparency: All transactions are recorded on Blockchain, bringing security to participants.

  • Legitimacy: Recognition by regulatory bodies, with rules already established for the use of crypto-assets in the Brazilian market.

We understand that participants would like to use Bitcoin and Altcoins on a day-to-day basis to pay for goods and services, but in this sense, other difficulties are encountered:

  • The volatility presented does not encourage merchants and service providers to accept this asset as a mean of payment.

  • The average transaction confirmation time is long as the Bitcoin network is an old, slow and costly project.

  • Merchants are not technologically adapted to accept and store crypto assets.

So that people and companies can promote business without friction, we present a safe and efficient solution, Beeteller Real Token (BRT).


Offer market participants a stable crypto asset where there are no price fluctuations and where each unit of this crypto asset can be converted into BRL (Reais) in a 1:1 ratio.


Para garantir essa conversão, a quantidade de BRT em circulação sempre será igual à quantidade de BRL (Reais) depositado em conta corrente bancária, desta forma, é possível manter a paridade de 1:1, ou seja, 1 BRT = BRL 1,00.


Issuance (BRL to BRT conversion)

Para emitir (colocar em circulação) uma determinada quantidade de BRT, a mesma quantidade de BRL (reais) deverá ser previamente depositada em conta corrente bancária sob custódia da BRT. O fluxo abaixo demonstra o funcionamento da emissão de Tokens BRT:


  1. Customer > Requests BRT to an approved distributor.

  2. Customer > Sends BRL (Reais) or other crypto to the distributor.

  3. Distributor> Sends BRL (Reais) to a bank account held by BRT.

  4. BRT> Issues the Tokens referring to the amount deposited in BRL (Reais).

  5. BRT> Sends the BRT Tokens to the distributor.

  6. Distributor > Sends BRT Tokens to the customer.


*Exchange fees may apply.

Redemption (BRT to BRL conversion)

The BRT Token holder can request the conversion to BRL (Reais) at any time for an approved distributor, which will follow the following flow:

  1. Customer > Requests conversion from BRT to BRL (Reais) from a distributor.

  2. Customer > Sends BRT to distributor.

  3. Distributor> Sends the Tokens to the BRT wallet.

  4. BRT> Removes Tokens from circulation (“burning”).

  5. BRT> Withdraws from the bank account the same amount of BRL (Reais) equivalent to the Tokens.

  6. BRT > Sends Reais to the distributor.

  7. Distributor > Sends TED to the customer.

*Exchange fees may apply.


Exchanges, OTC, P2P, comerciantes, gateway e facilitadores de pagamento, e demais participantes do mercado podem aceitar BRT como depósito ou pagamento por produtos e serviços, visto que, a qualquer momento, BRT pode ser convertido por BRL (Reais) mediante a liquidação por um distribuidor homologado ou através da negociação em livre mercado com outro participante.


*Exchange fees may apply.

Proof of funds

We understand that the transparency is essential to maintain a healthy ecosystem, therefore, BRT will disclose audit reports issued by independent entities that attest that the amount of Tokens in circulation and the balance available in BRT's current bank account, are compatible and prove the financial backing.


In addition to proof of funds, all BRT transactions are recorded on blockchain, thus allowing full auditing by any participant. In this way, we are able to offer all the transparency that a stable cryptocurrency requires.


All BRT transactions follow the rules of RFB normative instruction 1888/2019. Participants are required to report purchase, sale, exchange, transfer and storage transactions to the RFB, the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service, as well as annually declare the amount of BRT in custody in the IRPF.


BRT is one that was developed on the TRON Blockchain, in this way, BRT can be stored in any wallet that has support for TRON Tokens.


BRT must be transferred to TRON addresses in wallets that support TRON Tokens. In an approved wallet, BRT may have a specific address for deposit. The transfer of BRT and its confirmation on the blockchain network takes just a few seconds.

As it navigates on the TRON network, to send BRT it is necessary to have a minimum amount of TRX to pay the network transfer fee. In the BRT wallet, the user will be able to support the fee with BRT, in this way he does not need to keep funds in TRX to pay the network fee.

Technical Specifications

Token: TRON
Name: Beeteller Real Token
Ticker: BRT
Token ID: 
Supplier: 100,000,000 tokens
Decimal places: 6


We understand that this project opens the opportunity for market participants to experience a new way of transacting financial resources, in addition to mitigating the risk of volatility that involves other cryptoassets.


Nakamoto, “Bitcoin: A peer-to-peer electronic cash system”

Version updated on March 22, 2022.


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