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Clarify your doubts

What is Beeteller Real Token (BRT)?

Beeteller Real Token is a stablecoin paired in Brazilian Real (BRL) in a 1:1 ratio. The advantage of this crypto asset is that it does not suffer from volatility as it has a fixed price of BRL 1.00 (one Brazilian real).


How does BRT work?

The BRT crypto asset works through approved distributors who buy and sell BRT tokens. After going through a KYC/AML process, users will be able to buy, transfer and sell BRT across multiple platforms.

Can I buy BRT directly on the platform?

No, only through distributors or partners approved by BRT.

How is the issuance process (BRL to BRT conversion)?

To issue (put into circulation) a certain amount of BRT, the same amount of BRL (Reais) must be previously deposited in a current bank account held by BRT. The flow below demonstrates the operation of issuing BRT Tokens:

1. Customer > Requests BRT to an approved distributor.

2. Customer > Sends BRL (Reais) or other crypto to the distributor.

3. Distributor> Sends BRL (Reais) to a bank account held by BRT.

4. BRT> Issues the Tokens referring to the amount deposited in BRL (Reais).

5. BRT> Sends the BRL Tokens to the distributor.

6. Distributor > Sends the BRL Tokens to the customer.

*Exchange fees may apply.

How is the redemption process (BRT to BRL conversion)?

The BRT Token holder can request the conversion to BRL (Reais) at any time for an approved distributor, which will follow the following flow:

1. Customer > Requests conversion from BRT to BRL (Reais) from a distributor.

2. Customer > Sends BRT to distributor.

3. Distributor> Sends the Tokens to the BRT wallet.

4. BRT> Removes Tokens from circulation (“burning”).

5. BRT> Redeems from the bank account the same amount of BRL (Reais) equivalent to the Tokens.

6. BRT > Sends Reais to the distributor.

7. Distributor > Sends TED to the customer.

*Exchange fees may apply.

Does BRT charge a fee for its services?

Distributors may charge exchange fees to perform the BRT conversion of their users.

What is the annual transactional limit for BRT trading?

The limit will be defined by the distributor or partner, after carrying out the entire user compliance process. BRT has no direct relationship with users.

Which wallet is supported by BRT?

BRT is a Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) Token, and it was built on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, so BRT can be stored in any wallet that supports SLP Tokens.

We recommend using Badger Wallet.

How to become a BRT distributor or partner?

Just open a ticket at, and request the contact of our commercial team.

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