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The world has changed, and so has the way of using money.

Stable, technological and frictionless.

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What is BRT?

Beeteller Real Token is a stablecoin paired in Brazilian Real (BRL) in a 1:1 ratio. The advantage of this crypto asset is that it does not suffer from volatility because it has a fixed price of BRL 1.00 (one Brazilian real).

Beeteller Real Token

Joint benefits of blockchain technology and traditional currency


Beeteller Real Token converts fiat currency to digital currency to guarantee 1:1 parity, that means, 1 BRT = BRL 1.00.

Financial Backing

To issue (put into circulation) a certain amount of BRT, the same amount of BRL (Reais) must be previously deposited in a current bank account held by BRT.


The value of our reservations is published daily, and will be audited by third-party and independent companies.

Blockchain Technology

The BRT Token was developed

on the TRON Blockchain,

being an advanced and frictionless technology.

Wide Acceptance

Exchanges, OTC, P2P, merchants, payment facilitators, and other market participants can accept BRT as a payment method.


BRT's blockchain-enabled technology offers world-class security while meeting financial market regulatory and compliance standards.

How does BRT work?

The BRT crypto asset works through approved distributors who buy and sell BRT tokens. After going through a KYC/AML process, users will be able to buy, transfer and sell BRT across multiple platforms.



We understand that transparency is essential to maintain a healthy ecosystem, and in this way, we publicly disclose our reserve and proof of financial backing.

Account: 53221-9

Bank:  748 - Sicredi

Agency: 0913




Total BRT issued

Total BRT in circulation

Available account balance (BRL)

Balance Sheet (BRL)


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Where to store BRT?

BRT is a Token that was developed on the TRON blockchain, in this way, BRT can be stored in any wallet that supports TRON Tokens.

We recommend using Tronlink Wallet.

Start using traditional currency on blockchain now.

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